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giving up for lent

18 February 2010, 6:39 am
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verbally expressing my displeasure with cyclists/motorists who do not actively threaten or actually injure me

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goodbye bike #5

25 May 2009, 5:54 am
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what got me

The end of a strut that holds the fender on wrapped around a spoke.

The bend of the front tube is obvious, but of course you can’t bend just one side of a triangle. Toward the left you can see that the top tube is actually somewhat flattened — its cross section changed.

From above […]

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happy to be here

6 May 2009, 7:35 am
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Solo bike accident last Friday left me with a broken wrist, so updates may be (even more) infrequent for a little bit. I am so, so glad I was wearing a helmet, I really hope you do too if you ride. And I am enormously grateful to the person or persons unknown who called 911 […]

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DIY bike lock bracket

15 March 2009, 3:10 pm
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My new U-lock came with a bracket, but it didn’t work very well. I was inspired by this DIY Bike Lock Holder at instructables.com, but this mount would not work for my lock — the key is inserted into the crosspiece. With a little thought I came up with an inexpensive variation that holds […]

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bike lane markers around town

22 May 2008, 7:34 pm
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Somerville has been freshening up the bike lane markers. First they indicate where they should go:

Then they stencil the marker right on top:

Sometimes this makes it look like the iconic cyclist is wearing a cliché asian peasant hat

The narrow headed Somervillian riders make some of their skullish Cantabridgian counterparts look rather macabre in comparison:

Especially since […]

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top 5 commute scares

26 April 2008, 10:17 am
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Road hazards that don’t affect 4-wheeled traffic
Loose gravel is bad. So are vertical discontinuities parallel to the road.
Other bikes where I don’t expect them
Riding against traffic or failing to obey traffic signals/yield right-of-way
Vehicles turning left across my path when I have the right-of-way
Vehicles nudging into the intersection are also scary; I can’t tell if they […]

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welcome bike #5

2 September 2007, 2:55 pm
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I bought my fourth bike, a blue Jamis Tangier, #WLH3438M, on 4 September 1997.
A few days before its 10th birthday, the right chainstay cracked.

I dug up the original receipt (from DC’s awesome City Bikes) and did a little calling around. It seemed likely that Jamis would honor the lifetime frame warranty, but it also seemed […]

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prank concept

22 May 2007, 9:41 am
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I try not to complain too much about drivers who jeopardize cyclists through inattention or malice (or for that matter, the cyclists who enable them by flagrantly flouting traffic laws), but yesterday I had a particularly tough day with several drivers of monstrosities from Cadillac, Lincoln et al.
I had a brief daydream about […]

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