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Days of Agreement: 03

3 March 2009, 10:14 am
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Nemesis was originally recorded by Shriekback on their excellent 1985 release, Oil and Gold. Shriekback’s most recent album is Glory Bumps in 2007. If you like this cover, please support the band. If you hate the cover, support the band anyway! It sounds nothing like them.
The original “Nemesis” is mostly propelled by Martyn Barker’s […]

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Days of Agreement: 02

21 February 2009, 5:01 pm
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It was pointed out to me after the fact that this song was supposed to have been released on Groundhog’s Day, and it was suggested to me that I missed an opportunity to write a song for the holiday. It also occurs to me that people always like the silly songs better, but I continue […]

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Days of Agreement: 01

1 January 2009, 12:01 am
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The opening track is a very short song called Moving to Massachusetts. Like all stories, it’s true.
I made all the noises. Equipment used: Rode NTK microphone, ProTools LE.
The next track will appear on February 2nd, 2009. It will probably be somewhat less short and less a capella.
Days of Agreement is relased under the Creative […]

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mantra for the Hampshire Street ride

14 September 2006, 7:38 am
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On my commute, I see maybe a couple hundred cars, of which from 0 to 3 do something to piss me off on a given day. I see maybe half a dozen other cycle commuters (more if I go in late) of which from 0 to 4 piss me off on any given day. Hence:
You’re […]

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everything is fragile

7 September 2005, 5:37 pm
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oh, why not

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brace dot brace

5 May 2005, 7:51 am
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there is no excerpt

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Trucker Hat

8 April 2005, 1:20 pm
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[ironic trucker hats are not ironic]

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reductionist sofa

21 January 2005, 12:56 am
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you will have to sleep

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