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more than it hurts you

7 November 2004, 1:00 pm
subtitle (or excerpt)

two post-election fragments

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reality show

12 July 2004, 12:36 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

formerly known as either “minds and hearts” or “hearts and minds”

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angry table

25 June 2003, 12:35 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

[it’s not you . . . it’s me. yeah, right.]

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prepare to burn

1 March 2003, 8:13 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

prepare to burn
when you say that there are angels
watching over me
i think first of their wrath
and flaming swords
if you read the book you know
they make fearful adversaries
i’m not ready to take my reward
find myself not so eager
to test their vaunted mercies
when i know exactly what i’ve earned
so sing to me no sinners’ songs
about the grace […]

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pyramids and cubes

5 February 2003, 12:14 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

i like sarah sze’s sculpture, but i don’t like cancer

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i iii security

5 January 2003, 12:50 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

original lyrics by Miles Goosens. gratuitous verse by me.

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the wax

31 July 2002, 12:42 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

(not recorded)

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ghost time

31 July 2002, 12:34 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

(not recorded)

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