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summer stunner

12 May 2002, 8:15 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

summer stunner
when i was a king pin in the mob scene
everything was so uplifting
and i’d lie on my back for days and days
dreaming in a drowsy haze
while all my henchmen did the dirty work
that kept my hands so clean and dry
when i was a king pin in the mob scene
before the justice g men cop […]

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7 million telephone switches

10 April 2002, 12:00 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

[the windows in the building were only transparent for one day]

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11 March 2002, 12:52 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

[en examination of the hazards of dating beyond one’s social stratum]

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shaped charges

26 February 2002, 12:54 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

(not recorded) in order for this tune to work, i think it really needs to groove a bit. when i started playing it, the main E/G part, which is like two measure, was 6 quarter notes of E and than 4 eightnotes of G, but I think a triplet/shuffle thing might be more interesting??

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26 February 2002, 12:39 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

[this song is for amy]

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you blew it

28 December 2001, 12:42 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

the last recording done on my old 4 track. never performed live, not even at solo shows.

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a word document edited in october 2001

13 October 2001, 12:44 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

little things, aren’t you glad, the trouble with california,15 coffee bars, shoddy workmanship, another problem now, unexpected f, untitled

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you’re all i want for christmas

5 December 1999, 12:14 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

you’re all i want for christmas
if you’re underneath the mistletoe
i might just grab you and hold you tight
and never ever let you go
you’re all i want for christmas
you’d be so much fun to unwrap
get you in some stockings and a great big bow
and baby just leave it at that
i know the […]

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