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red-tailed hawks of fresh pond

26 May 2010, 7:30 pm
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mama feeding babies a pigeon:

proud poppa:

some of these people got much better pictures than I did, and not only because their friends didn’t borrow their cameras and LEAVE THEM SET ON SOLARIZE:

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can haz liberry!

10 November 2009, 8:20 am
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I didn’t make it to the opening ceremonies of the newly-renovated Cambridge Main Library but I did join the slightly dazed after-work throng milling around the spacious and welcoming environment toward the end of the library’s first full day. (I left with 6 books, which seemed to make me a bit of a lightweight.) The […]

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broadway bicycle school

21 November 2008, 8:32 am
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Not the bike shop I usually go to, but when an out-of-true wheel swiftly devolved into a totally unridable state, Broadway Bicycle School was fortunately in carrying distance, so that’s where I went.
The parts and labor seemedto add up to a little more than I would have expected, but holy crap, they did such an […]

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no message

28 June 2008, 7:25 am
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An odd thing: the next time I turned my camera on after taking this photo, it also displayed a “no media” message (it had space for maybe 1 or 2 more exposures at the time). I thought it would be funny to juxtapose the two, so the next time I had another camera handy, I […]

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bike lane markers around town

22 May 2008, 7:34 pm
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Somerville has been freshening up the bike lane markers. First they indicate where they should go:

Then they stencil the marker right on top:

Sometimes this makes it look like the iconic cyclist is wearing a cliché asian peasant hat

The narrow headed Somervillian riders make some of their skullish Cantabridgian counterparts look rather macabre in comparison:

Especially since […]

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banana hugs

9 May 2008, 6:49 am
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On the same light pole that once featured Anna [heart] Andrew Bird.

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radio, radio

14 April 2008, 8:11 am
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I’ll be spinning tunes on WMBR tomorrow.

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2 “thank you”s to strangers

5 December 2007, 7:50 am
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To someone in Cambridge:

Monday morning, you noticed that I’d locked up my bike on the street and left it with the taillight blinking madly. (You don’t know this, but the recitation of my parking mantra, “lights, locks, helmet, bottle” didn’t help me coz I don’t usually use the taillight in the morning, but the weather […]

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