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You just can’t make these things up

16 September 2008, 6:21 am
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Oh, Somerville, heart of my heart.
I don’t really know a whole lot about the current State Senate race; I am an expat Somervillian for the nonce and not eligible to vote in it.
But candidate Bob Trane apparently thinks he has grounds to sue The Somerville Journal for running a satirical political cartoon
That is some […]

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broken thong

15 July 2008, 8:02 pm
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(Larger version at flickr)

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Rudy’s Can’t Fail (but my memory can)

9 July 2008, 7:34 am
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Somewhat more than a year ago, a co-worker was leaving, and Rudy’s Cafe was proposed as the farewell lunch destination. I was way psyched, probably because the cod tacos sounded somewhat like the catfish tacos that Polly’s Cafe used to serve — one of my all-time favorites. We wound up going to Redbones instead. For […]

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prepositional phrase overload!

14 June 2008, 8:06 am
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AHHH! Brain ’splodes!

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bike lane markers around town

22 May 2008, 7:34 pm
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Somerville has been freshening up the bike lane markers. First they indicate where they should go:

Then they stencil the marker right on top:

Sometimes this makes it look like the iconic cyclist is wearing a cliché asian peasant hat

The narrow headed Somervillian riders make some of their skullish Cantabridgian counterparts look rather macabre in comparison:

Especially since […]

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words to live by

16 May 2008, 6:52 am
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In Davis Square

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let him who is without sin cast the first…

1 May 2008, 7:01 am
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. . .tow-truck!?

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i am so juvenile

8 April 2008, 6:12 pm
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I snigger.

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