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Rudy’s Can’t Fail (but my memory can)

9 July 2008, 7:34 am
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Somewhat more than a year ago, a co-worker was leaving, and Rudy’s Cafe was proposed as the farewell lunch destination. I was way psyched, probably because the cod tacos sounded somewhat like the catfish tacos that Polly’s Cafe used to serve — one of my all-time favorites. We wound up going to Redbones instead. For […]

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no message

28 June 2008, 7:25 am
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An odd thing: the next time I turned my camera on after taking this photo, it also displayed a “no media” message (it had space for maybe 1 or 2 more exposures at the time). I thought it would be funny to juxtapose the two, so the next time I had another camera handy, I […]

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Toronto, Evening 1(b)

20 June 2008, 6:58 am
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From the main observation deck of the CN Tower

Did the pitch cross the plate?

(I might need to see the replay.) Looking down on Rogers Centre from the observation deck of the CN Tower.
Marty on the glass floor

It makes creaky noises when he steps on it. I’m not a steeplejack or anything, but I don’t generally […]

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Toronto, Evening 1(a)

16 June 2008, 7:30 am
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Looking up on our way to dinner after the storm:

As we walked by the BCE Place Galleria I said “Wow!” and we went in. I was immediately and forcefully reminded of Santiago Calatrava’s design of the Milwaukee Art Museum, especially Windhover Hall.

Turns out the architect was Calatrava.
Pierre Maraval’s Toronto’s Mille Femmes was hanging in the […]

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Toronto, Day 1

15 June 2008, 6:39 am
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I spent most of last week on the road doing usability testing for a software project in Toronto and Tampa.
This was my first look at Lake Ontario from the hotel:

To one side I could see Rogers Centre.

We talked about going to see a Blue Jays game (they were in town) but this didn’t exactly materialize.
After […]

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prepositional phrase overload!

14 June 2008, 8:06 am
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AHHH! Brain ’splodes!

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bike lane markers around town

22 May 2008, 7:34 pm
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Somerville has been freshening up the bike lane markers. First they indicate where they should go:

Then they stencil the marker right on top:

Sometimes this makes it look like the iconic cyclist is wearing a cliché asian peasant hat

The narrow headed Somervillian riders make some of their skullish Cantabridgian counterparts look rather macabre in comparison:

Especially since […]

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words to live by

16 May 2008, 6:52 am
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In Davis Square

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