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[redacted] has damaged my brain.

27 September 2008, 10:30 am
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I think this [redacted] is actually hawking watches, but every time I see the subject line, I think that a web site catering to golf-course voyeurism fetishists has misspelled the word “pines.”

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why I don’t trust your privacy policy

2 February 2008, 8:12 am
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First there was Flickr. I liked Flickr a lot; it was a very convenient way to share photos with my friends and family. I didn’t know anybody on the Flickr team personally or anything, but it was clearly a small, bright outfit. The vibe of the site made me feel comfortable letting them keep track […]

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the baseball of judgment

22 September 2007, 1:54 pm
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The unusual wording of the message made me imagine a sentient baseball that functioned as an avatar of the entire MLB organization. I was a little nonplussed to think of this very important piece of magic sports equipment pondering my particular personal concern. But apparently the word “soon” was being used in , if not […]

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Do you like when things are easy?

7 April 2007, 7:15 am
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Most of the email hitting my servers these days falls into one of three categories: “pump-and-dump” investment scam solicitations, phishing attempts, and solicitations for unlawful medications. I was disturbed that what appears to be a legitimate email from Fidelity Investment services tripped “red flags” for dangerous email — it has earmarks of two of those […]

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we interrupt this broadcast for an emergency bulletin

27 March 2007, 8:48 am
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(for those of you who don’t read Slashdot. . .)
If you need anymore evidence that Diebold is pure evil, and that they deserve your eternal scorn and ridicule, but absolutely none of your cash, ever, how about this: They’re bringing a suit against the commonwealth of Massachusetts for awarding a contract to a competitor.
I’m checking my calendar […]

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after everything, i still hate myspace

28 July 2006, 2:09 pm
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For my taste, this does not compensate for

the leading edge of intrusive/obnoxious web ad delivery/click tracking tech
(sometimes including spyware)
the general level of inanity
the most obnoxious music player since the glory days of shockwave
funnelling more dollars into Murdoch’s multi-media empire

But Billy Bragg’s efforts to alter MySpace’s TOS (warning: tracking cookies and other nasties) is […]

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thirty-nine cent stamps? idiocy!

19 November 2005, 12:20 pm
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I realize that mine is a lone voice crying in the wilderness. By the time I hear of impending federal changes, big wheels are already turning, and I’m unlikely to be able to affect their courses.
But honestly, has anybody thought about how much time, money, and aggravation would be saved if the USPS adopted a […]

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sometimes i hate the internets

22 September 2005, 3:52 pm
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bad things comprise a three, and then some.

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