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dream of the levitating motorcycle cops

21 February 2010, 10:27 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

As he comes around the hairpin in his matte black Javelin, Luke is struck by the sight of two motorcycle cops on the verge of the road. The drop-off is steep to the left; on the right there’s a gravel pad on the shoulder of the hill. This is where the cops are. Their bikes […]

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unprecognitive dream

4 June 2008, 5:15 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

We were literally calculating an initial offer to make on the condo we’ve liked best so far, and late last night it suddenly went inactive on all the real estate web sites. I had a dream that at 3:21 am the property went back on the market. I woke up from the dream and it […]

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bad dream light

27 November 2007, 6:14 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

It wasn’t until I saw Richard Linklater’s Waking Life that I realized other people also had dreams in which they try to turn on light switches, and the scene fails to brighten. Being unable to shed literal light on the situation has been an attribute of my nightmares for as long as I can remember, […]

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morning seesaw

21 November 2007, 6:15 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

OMG I have to remember this dream so i can talk/write about it later.
No, that whole thing about having to fill in a timesheet after a dinner party isn’t really that interesting.
OMG it’s five! I have to get up!!
Wait, it’s Saturday, isn’t it? i don’t have to get up.
No, it’s not Saturday. I have to […]

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15 November 2007, 8:21 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

Last I night I had a dream in which I was being haunted by the ghosts of (among others) John Lydon and Iggy Pop.

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slurry vs. beans

8 March 2007, 7:00 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

I attend some speech in a big ampitheatre in a semi-official capacity (I’m helping with sound equipment). Afterwards I find myself walking alongside the man Diebold’s machinery claimed was elected President in 2004. We don’t speak, but I can overhear his private asides. I’m relieved that, as I’d always hoped, he sounds less idiotic […]

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What we dream about when we watch too much “Lost”

17 October 2006, 7:12 am
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(or what *I* dream about, anyway)

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new order session dream

4 June 2006, 11:21 am
subtitle (or excerpt)

I was in a huge, labyrinthine, multi-story red brick building that had aspects of both high school and college building (but that didn’t remotely resemble any actual structure with which I’m familiar, educational or otherwise). In classroom B-109 (on the fourth floor) I was assisting at a recording session with New Order. (My subconscious was […]

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