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24 November 2011, 4:56 am
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in no special order except for #1
awesomest ever wife/best friend
the extra time we had with Theo
just being here
terrific friends
being able to move both sides of my face
being able to hand wash a heavy bowl without wincing
family stuff trending upwards
having a job at all
having a completely awesome job
being part of a great team
opportunities to make things […]

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dealing with it gracelessly

8 March 2010, 6:51 am
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I’m not among those hit worst: those who have to clean up the metaphorical and physical mess, those who loved him, those with a hole in their lives where a friend use to be. Everybody who has to be wondering, now, if they had only done some little thing differently, if the story might have […]

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dream of the levitating motorcycle cops

21 February 2010, 10:27 am
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As he comes around the hairpin in his matte black Javelin, Luke is struck by the sight of two motorcycle cops on the verge of the road. The drop-off is steep to the left; on the right there’s a gravel pad on the shoulder of the hill. This is where the cops are. Their bikes […]

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giving up for lent

18 February 2010, 6:39 am
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verbally expressing my displeasure with cyclists/motorists who do not actively threaten or actually injure me

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goodbye bike #5

25 May 2009, 5:54 am
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what got me

The end of a strut that holds the fender on wrapped around a spoke.

The bend of the front tube is obvious, but of course you can’t bend just one side of a triangle. Toward the left you can see that the top tube is actually somewhat flattened — its cross section changed.

From above […]

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me ‘n’ u2

12 March 2009, 6:03 am
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On my way home I pass behind the Somerville Theatre. I see acts loading in pretty often and hear sound checks once in a while. Sometimes I stop to listen for a minute; it’s usually pretty muffled.
Last night U2 played there.
I could hear them sound checking from well over a block away, and my […]

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“Use the Juice, Luke!”

3 January 2009, 11:09 am
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It is absolutely impossible for me to see this container without hearing the sonorous voice of James Earl Jones in my head, intoning, “If you only knew the power of the Dark Fruits.” And I’m afraid to say, it only gets sillier from there.
Tastes pretty good, though.

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22 November 2008, 11:29 am
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Several of my pals had their sites rated by Typealyzer. I fed it the URLs of all my Wordpress sites, and apparently I am an ISTJ twice, and once each an ESFP, ESFS, INTJ, and INTP.

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