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6 years of olives

13 February 2008, 8:38 pm
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Six years ago, I met my love in person for the first time (although we’d corresponded for years before that).
Shortly thereafter, olives acquired special significance (or maybe enniccafigis) in our relationship, and we started giving each other olive-themed presents.

At left, chocolate olives (again), from me, for Christmas. At right, incredibly awesome crocheted olives and […]

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9 April 2007, 7:23 am
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emmaSpam is just one more utterly pointless website offered up to the zeitgeist. But I built this one.

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everything is fragile

7 September 2005, 5:37 pm
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oh, why not

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the self-aggrandizement never stops!

15 August 2005, 6:52 pm
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happy birthday to MEEEE happy birthday to MEEEE

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this time next week

11 August 2005, 4:44 pm
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shameless. i’m shameless.

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