meta meta meta

1 December 1999, 10:01 am

The only reason this post is here is so that searching for the “general” category doesn’t generate a 404 error.

8 comments on “meta meta meta”

  1. summervillain

    this is a test of revised link behavior.
    this link should be marked up with class external.

  2. summervillain

    we would rather not have something like formatted as a link.

  3. summervillain

    we would rather NOT have somthing like formatted as a link!

  4. Editrix

    You seem rather testy.

  5. Flasshe

    Yeah - take a chill pill, man.

  6. 2fs

    I think it was on _Star Trek_ where they said that a human’s skin completely replenishes itself over seven years. So, Mr. SV is 83% a different person than the guy that wrote that. At least on the outside. I’m just saying. (Silly RSS readers…)

  7. summervillain

    The funny thing (well maybe not so funny) is that I’m pretty sure I deleted the comments that tickled yer feed readers before you responded to them!

  8. Flasshe

    I got tickled by Editrix’s comment.

    Wow, that sounded weird.


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