5 august: sewed slipcovers. not much else.

1 September 2001, 7:30 pm

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Warning, here we go navel gazing. You are in the self-absorption category

When things are good, I forget how bad the battles with the meaninglessness monster can be. In August of [year] I chose the strategy of writing down what I accomplished every single day — probably not the best tool for uplifting oneself.

I stumbled on this file looking for something else entirely. What I found perversely interesting was the contrast between the cool things I did with the evidence of the abject terror (and financial pressure) I was experiencing. That 35-piece orchestra session is still one of my favorite recording memories, and I’m still not completely embarrassed by the album I was working on. Fortunately, I’ve mostly forgotten how I must have felt when I was in the middle of it.

Oh, and those slipcovers? I think using the word “sew” was not really warranted. And I’m sure I must have done at least another few loads of laundry.

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