you blew it

28 December 2001, 12:42 am

demo recorded 2 jan 2002.

The email I sent mixmasters:
I thought I’d throw this demo out for review/comment. It’s part of an argument I’m having with myself about whether (and if so how) to upgrade my recording setup to make it easier to use many tracks. Because of how I recorded it, there’s a lot about it that can’t be fixed easily, but feel free to let me have it with all barrels anyway.

This was recorded onto a Tascam 424 Mk III, normalized & mp3-ized in Cool Edit 2000.

Recording details:
Everything went through a Presonus blue tube mic pre, I’m getting my money’s worth out of that one. Um, except the drums.
Main (high) vocal: AKG C3000B
Harmony vocals and “stealth” guitar: MCA SP-1 (this is a Chinese condenser mic my local music store is selling for $70. At the price, I couldn’t resist — used it here because I wanted to get a feel for how it sounds).
Electric Guitar: 85 Les Paul, 65 BFDR, AKG C3000B
Bass: Bradley imitation P-bass
Drums: Exported as a wave file from Drums!, wave file played into the Tascam.

I used a Behringer Autocom Pro on the main vocal and the bvox submix;
a Lexicon LXP15 provided some “small room” ‘verb to the drum/bass submix and both of the vocal submixes. Mixed it with KLH 911B’s.

This song also features: No Eventide Harmonizer.
& thanks to everyone for schooling me straight on ringer voltages.

This was my first crack at programming a drum part, and also my first attempt to try to get a fairly balanced mix with a full “rock band” sort of arrangement.

You Blew It

Forty three greasy diners
On thirty eight different roads
Eight six bowls of mac and cheese
To make my gut explode

Two hundred nine late night phone calls
Between even different towns
Nine in whispes from another room
When your boyfriend was hanging around

Sixty three pints of ice cream
Ninety one gallons of gas
Two strong shoulders to cry on
And over sixteen thousand laughs

And I can’t get it back, all the time I wasted
Trying to be in love with you
But you can’t have anymore

4x: You can’t have it

All the things I’d do
To try to impress you
Well it was just a waste of time

Waited every day
You never looked that way
ANd it was just a waste of time

You blew it babe
Here’s what you find
You think it’s different now
I changed my mind

Tried hard to pretend
I wanted to stay just friends
And it was just no fun at all

All those nights I cried
How I wished I’d die
It was just no fun at all

You blew it babe
Here’s what you find
You think it’s different now
I changed my mind


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