angry table

25 June 2003, 12:35 am

instrumental demo
vocal demo 25 jun 2003
live performance with king kilowatt (away team) the garage, winston salem 18 jul 2003

you don’t challenge me
not in any way i can see
you just annoy me
you just annoy me

i don’t try to talk to you
coz i know what it’ll do
it’ll just annoy you
i just annoy you

and we been better places
back when i was in your good graces
and every light we ever hit was green

but that was years ago
you turned into someone i don’t know
you turned into someone i don’t wanna meet

so there’s no moral to this fable
just that it’s lonely in the dark
so lets get up from this angry table
and go for walk in the park

and i won’t hold your hand
and i won’t hold you down
do you understand?
do you feel better now?


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