more than it hurts you

7 November 2004, 1:00 pm

in november of 2004
i barricaded myself on the 13th floor
and i set a lot of documents on fire
there goes my accountability
you’ll never pin any of that on me
you can never prove what transpired

and at the coronation of the traitor king
4 and 20 black birds sing
to the angel of mercy with an apple stuffed in her face
you better be careful what you suggest
or the lt. gov. elect
will have no choice but to leave no trace

die hard die bold
fill yr hands full of fools gold
you’ll have no rest when the day is done
here’s snow in your eye
and i’ll spin you alibis
then raise my hand high to blot out the sun

and i think it’s time for some serious change round here
i think it’s time to change the atmosphere

and all my little soliders with your hearts all made of wood
believe me when i tell you
this is for your own good
and all my little soldiers with your hearts so brave and true
this hurts me
more than it hurts you


this is for the malcontents
get your heads out of your asses
this is for everyone
who voted for the other guy
this is for everyone
still not onboard with the program
this is for everyone
who still won’t believe the lies

fuck you - we do what we want
fuck you - we make all the rules
fuck you - you don’t get a voice
fuck you - fuck you

this if for everyone
who wants a breath of air
this is for everyone
who’s not quite dead

fuck you - we ate the whole pie
fuck you - and now you’re all doomed
fuck you - so grab a big handful
fuck you - rub salt in the wound


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