icicle time

29 January 2005, 1:30 pm

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Snowfall began early in the afternoon of Saturday January 22, and it continued to snow heavily through most of the weekend, with hurricane-force gusts of wind.

I first noticed the icicle hanging from our neighbor’s eaves early Sunday morning.
This shot was taken shortly after we put up insulating film on the kitchen windows. By the way, that stuff rocks!


I like the way the white world looks through the screen.


From our front porch as the first snowfall continues.

03 (larger version at flickr)

(This essay is also available as a photo set on my flickr page. It has larger versions of several of these photos, including this one.)

A neighbor across the street failing to grasp the magnitude of the situation.


Our driveway. Car? What car?
(At this writing — nearly a week later — our upstairs neighbors’ car (pictured) looks almost exactly the same.)

05 (larger version at flickr)

To make a start, you have to shovel out the shovel.


And what’s that in the background? Right, more situation-magnitude-nongraspage.
(Actually, one or some of these futility-fighters ran a blower up and down the
sidewalk on the whole block, for which the whole block is heartily grateful. No disrespect intended.)


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