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29 January 2005, 1:30 pm

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Mass. Ave. on Friday afternoon. This was only the second time I made it to my mailbox (and the library) all week, although I rehearsed Monday evening and played a surprisingly well-attended gig Thursday night.


In any weather, “Gas with a Smile” is one of my favorite Cantabridgian signs.

29 (larger version at flickr)

For some reason, this. . .


. . .makes me sadder than seeing a car in a similar state, and it happens. . .


. . . more often than you might think. So I guess maybe we do need those “no riding on sidewalk” signs during blizzards, after all.


Meanwhile, some stretches of the Somerville bike path were actually in better shape than many of the roads.


I wish I could have taken this shot from a low-flying hot air balloon, because that way I could have included both the snowform and some of the people struggling with it. Accidents of snow removal and melt made parts of this Highland avenue sidewalk into shapes like a half-assembled jigsaw puzzle, or an illustration of continental drift. Neither of the adjoining shops took responsibility for this snow-jut, so people had to stumble around it.


What intrigues me here is how this particular bush has snow on its top, but not on the sides.
Elsewhere I see some shrubs and trees that are apparently too scrawny to hold the weight, and slough the snow off all over. But I only see one that looks like this.


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