reductionist sofa

21 January 2005, 12:56 am

demo recorded 21 jan 2005
(e7) a a bm
if you deny the endless wonder
bm e7 e7 f#m a e7
the ineffable elegance of an unguessable cosmos
if you are consumed with an excess of hubris
presumption and arrogance, pretension and pretenses
d bm
you will have to sleep you will have to sleep
g e7 a
you will have to sleep on the reductionist sofa

on the reductionist sofa
you’ll have to spend the night alone
and your leptons, quarks, and superstrings
will not keep you warm
on the reductionist sofa
in the dark and on your own
and general relativity only guarantees you harm

bm Bb
and i’m certain of my uncertainty, a dance that can’t be known
bm g a
things that can’t be quantified, truths that can’t be shown
bm Bb bm g a
and i will not lay me down to sleep on the reductionist sofa


on the reductionist sofa (you made your bed)


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