Trucker Hat

8 April 2005, 1:20 pm

demo recorded 25 apr 2005

(thanks to amy for the title)
Verse D A G w/hammer on (G on D, B on G)
you screw up your face as you turn to the crowd
you’re raw-throated screaming you’re screaming so loud
and i’m straining to hear but there’s nothing but sound
you scream and you scream but no meaning comes out

and there’s no anger that can’t be
A add B (00232x or 0024xx)
no sentiment that can’t be
Bm A F# G F# AaddB
dumbed down and pastuerized
D -> AaddB
at a rest stop on the interstate in 1998
the machine sells rage against itself and
Bm A F# G
I just can’t related
D-> AaddB (twice)
You left the double ‘r’ in ‘grrl’ but you deleted all the power
D-> A add B
Now courtney loves us sweetly when
D 004200 005400
she once was pure and sour

D A (with hammerons)
the signal-free signifier of the fashionable ampilfier
you perspire but you’re not inspired
sign says that your gun’s for hire
and i’d love to feel some pasion
F# A Bm
But I’m bored
and the loudest
is it’s own reward
D F# G
it’s own reward, it’s own reward


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