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20 May 2005, 8:04 pm

Spectres of Princes in Dungeons

In general, I think it’s kind of in crappy taste to make fun of a person’s poor spelling or grammar. English is thorny and inconsistent, and it’s not most of the world’s first language, and plenty of very smart people have difficulty seeing, reading, typing, or writing. But this example really caught my eye, partly because it’s so far from any phonetic representation, but also because it made me think of the Rich Kids’ album Ghosts of Princes in Towers — y’know, if they princes are in towers, presumably they’re high princes — and their opposite numbers should therefore be low princes.
low princes
(Rich Kids, if you must know, was a band featuring Glen Matlock post-Pistols and Midge Ure pre-Ultravox. It was unfortunately produced by Mick Ronson, who, as a producer, was a helluva guitar player, if you get my drift.)

If you hold hands, they can’t get you!

stop for pedestrains
(Otherwise it’s open season.)
Making fun of institutional typos doesn’t seem as mean-spirited to me.
Especially if they’re funny.

Dude, fake Latin is, like, so heavy.

I spotted this on a friend’s column this morning. (It’s since been fixed.) I don’t feel bad about pointing this one out coz everyone involved knows better.
But they still shoulda caught it, if only because it was such an obvious typo.
But also, spelled that way it looks like a good band name for a certain specie of heavy metal band. Y’know, something like this:
cover of Obvioius album Spectres of Princes in Dungeons


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