calling a cancer a cancer

5 August 2005, 8:18 am

don’t worry, i’m not gonna make a habit of rehashing posts from slashdot. but this interested me because while it’s not unusual to hear gadflies like me shrilling about how the damage MS’s hegemony wreaks; it’s more noteworthy to hear the same sentiment coming from comparatively sober industry publication (not a clean link; ‘ware tracking cookies).

Now, if only someone in mainstream media would tackle the issue of trusted computing.

Here’s a small start (Direct but not at all clean link, watch out for popups). Gee, maybe people don’t want to buy a new monitor just so they can use the next version of Windows and the next version of Windows Media Player? You think?

Oh, if that were only the worst of it.

I’ve linked to Trusted Computing/Trusted Platform resources in the past, but this list of TPM vendors is new to me, cleanly designed, and current. It demonstrates how difficult it will be to boycott this technology: with major players like Intel, Dell, Gateway, HP, Acer, and NEC onboard, where else are you gonna go?
Leapin’ paranoia, batbird! McFadden’s TPM vendor site seems to be gone. At least for the time being, Google’s cached copy is still available.


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