found sculpture 6

20 August 2005, 1:23 am

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image of sculpture
untitled — anonymous
media: assemblage of electronic parts
(Larger version at flickr)

The inside of this computer was the origin of my “found sculpture” project — I thought it was gorgeous, not an adjective I usually apply to computers. It was put together by the good folks at pcAudioLabs. (They specialize in computers for recording studios — which is why that fan looks exotic; it’s quiet — but I had such a terrific customer experience that I may buy my next general-use computer from them.)

It even kinda reminded me a tiny bit of my favorite real sculptor, Sarah ZseSze — at least enough to use an excuse to dig up links to some photos of her work.
Geez, she’s my favorite sculptor . . . you might think I could spell her name right. I added another photo or two.
Some of ‘em are kinda large files, so I’ll put ‘em on the continuation page.
continued. . .

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7 comments on “found sculpture 6”

  1. Flasshe

    Very cool! Love the ZseSze pieces - would like to see them in person.

  2. summervillain

    I don’t see any listed in Colorado, although the catalog I have of her work is out of date. But next time you’re in the Bay area you might be able to see “Things Fall Apart” at SF MOMA. There’s one at Boston MFA, too. It’s hard for photographs to do them justice.

  3. Flasshe

    How long has “Things Fall Apart” been at MOMA? I’m pretty sure I was there last summer or the summer before, and don’t remember it. I could’ve just missed it though.

  4. summervillain

    Geez, maybe it was a temporary installation? I hope not. My book sez 2001. It is (or was) mounted around a staircase; if memory serves, it traverses at least 3 floor.

  5. summervillain

    Flasshe, on Fallon and Rosof’s artblog there’s a July 2004 post indicating that “Things Fall Apart” is currently “in storage.” Given its complexity, it’s hard for me not to read that as “destroyed,” although I suppose museum archivists are good at putting things back the way they were even when they’re complex. A bummer anyway. I did find two little pictures of it on the internets, as well as one of the Boston MFA installation. Incidentally, if you’re doing your own web searches, it does help to spell her name right, i.e., “Sze,” not “Zse,” as I had it before the edit.

  6. Flasshe

    That IS a bummer. I was kinda hoping it would be there next time I made it out to SF.

  7. Izzy

    Everything That Rises Must Converge by Sarah Sze is at the Detroit Institute of the Arts 30 minutes away from me and as soon as I saw this piece, my eyes moved all over it and I had to go home and make a found sculpture of my own with fishtanks and water! :)


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