these people all have too much money

25 August 2005, 4:37 pm

The number of circulars we’ve been getting for next week’s State Senate election seems unprecedented for a local, off-year election. Literally every day brings a new batch.

collage of direct mail related to 30 August 1995 2nd Middlesex State Senate Election endorses Pat Jehlen, but not necessarily the direct mail strategy of all of her supporters. (I’m lookin’ at you, Mass Equality.)

Paul Casey earns our enmity by running on the fear-monger ticket: Terrorism! Recession! Sexual Predators! Nightclubs! Identity theft!

(Punctuation added for effect. And in the interest of fairness, accuracy, lack of bias, and not falling afoul of any nasty new regulations about posting political opinions on the internets, I should probably point out that Casey mentions “nightclubs” in the context of “improving fire safety of” — which I’m in favor of — not shutting them down per se. But the thing is, legislative attention being paid to nightclubs (*cough* Rudy Giuliani *cough*) is seldom good for their health. Sometime we’re gonna do the whole rant about how it’s better for the kidz to rock out at the all-ages club than to sniff glue in the 7-11 parking lot, but I gotta lotta work to do t’day.)

Meanwhile, Joe Mackey wins our inaugural “This page deliberately left blank.” award for a complete lack of any platform whatsoever in his flyers. He wants our vote just ‘coz he has good character witnesses: “I know the man he is and the Senator he will be for the Second Middlesex District.” (Jack Connolly, Ward 6 Alderman) “I believe him to be the best embodiment of my husbands’s ideals, etchics, and value system.” (Dorothy Shannon, widow of Sen. Charles Shannon)

So, yeah, get out there and vote. Tuesday the 30th.

Okay, I’m an idiot. But in retrospect, the special local election was in some ways a microcosm of what I don’t like about the big ones: honest and substantive discussion of the candidate’s experience with and approach to dealing with the community’s concerns was shelved in favor of single-issue hot button-pushing.


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