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29 September 2005, 11:22 am
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“shutting up, sir”

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please fit me now for my tin foil hat

25 September 2005, 1:49 pm
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Hey, yeah, so, Granite Shadow.
Arkin sounds comparatively rational (in his inaugural entry, he says his “basic philosophy is that government is more incompetent than diabolical”), but many of the comments on Arkin’s post bear the hallmarks of paranoid schizophrenic delusions.
The bane of conspiracies is that people just aren’t very good at keeping secrets. (This is […]

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my girlfriend rocks

22 September 2005, 6:34 pm
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She’s the best. Just by way of example, she recently hipped me to maci, a swell little Java-based puzzle/game. You could think of Maci as the maiden aunt of Tetris, quietly sipping a brandy by the fire with a blanket on her knees while the tykes whiz around chanting their Russian folk songs.
The scoring’s pretty […]

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sometimes i hate the internets

22 September 2005, 3:52 pm
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bad things comprise a three, and then some.

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my counterpart?

21 September 2005, 1:08 pm
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Spotted on a wall in Cambridge:

(Detail from a photo at my flickr site)
In a neat bit of synchroncity, here’s John Cowan on calling a vileynye by any other name.

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there can’t be too many links to this

21 September 2005, 11:52 am
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By now, you’re probably sick of seeing photos, whether real or artfully faked, that protray the administrative incompetence and errors of judgment that have characterized the response to the New Orleans disaster.
And like most of them, this one relies on the fundamentally dangerous trope that Dubya is simply “simple” — dangerous because it’s the ways […]

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20 September 2005, 2:27 pm
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(i sure hope they come play boston)

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ZoneAlarm 6.0.667.000: not MY idea of a firewall

15 September 2005, 11:08 am
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I’ve been pretty happy with ZoneLabs’ ZoneAlarm firewall software since my computer security expert friend recommended it a couple years ago, but the update I installed this morning made it virtually useless.
The way ZoneAlarm works has always been pretty simple: whenever a program tries to open an Internet connection, you get a dialog telling you […]

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