20 September 2005, 2:27 pm

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My favorite dB’s rekkid is Repercussion, but the entertaining and insightful song-by-song comments from the I.R.S. compact disc issue of Stands for Decibels are among my all-time favorite liner notes ever. They’re not included in the Collector’s Choice reissue that combines the first two albums. I feel like a bit of a dog-in-the-manger for hanging on to the originals when we have the reissue, and I’m selling the originals. Pictures of the I.R.S. notes (at a hopefully legible size) follow.
(Sorry I didn’t actually type it all out. But this preserves some of the feel of the original sleeve, while also sparing my carpal tunnels a l’il bit. So that’s my ’scuse.)
continued. . .

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