my girlfriend rocks

22 September 2005, 6:34 pm

She’s the best. Just by way of example, she recently hipped me to maci, a swell little Java-based puzzle/game. You could think of Maci as the maiden aunt of Tetris, quietly sipping a brandy by the fire with a blanket on her knees while the tykes whiz around chanting their Russian folk songs.

The scoring’s pretty quirky and there are a couple of odd interface decisions (the endlessly spawning score windows are kinda onerous in particular), but I still like it. Mebbe I’ll port it to Flash or DHTML in my copious spare time. Yeah, that’ll happen.


In retrospect, it seems a minor miracle I hadn’t run into Maci (better known as “Same Game”) before. Fortunately, her status as computer-entertainment procurer numero uno is far from the only reason my girlfriend is the bestest ever — it’s just emblematic.

Anyway, it seems that writing (or swiping and modding) a Same Game implementation is practically a rite of passage among Java progammers. John Silvela’s easy-on-the-eyes rendition (linked above) remains one of my two favorites, but unfortunately his Web site seems to come and go like a will o’ the wisp. Mac folks can download an offline version, although it doesn’t let you match scores/wits with folks across the ‘net.

Since I’m not primarily a Mac user, I ventured into lands of fearsome tracking cookies, framed pages, and some nasty interfaces looking for a stable online and/or offline version. I emerged with one clear winner, Frank Bannon’s Same Game. You have to brave a Geocities site (beware popups/evil cookies) to get it, but he’s compiled the game for several different OSs, and his graphic presentation (the “marbles” piece set, anyway) and general usability are heads and shoulders above most. There are lots of difficulty options too, including a “concentration” mode if you’re feeling seriously masochistic. (The game has a weird tendency to slip into autoplay mode, but that’s my only serious quibble.)

Oh, and in case it wasn’t obvious — that stuff about Tetris’s wily maiden aunt? That was a compliment.

2 comments on “my girlfriend rocks”

  1. Flasshe

    I’d never see Maci before - very addictive! Mild curses on you and the Aimster for exposing me to it. Requires more strategy than Tetris.

  2. dave

    nice. I look forward to seeing some of your pictures. on my first, admittedly ignorant look, I was unable to find them. I found the site looking for a King Missle disc — a favorite of a friend of mine named Bill Hicks. I hope you’re able to send it. thanks. dave


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