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21 September 2005, 11:52 am

By now, you’re probably sick of seeing photos, whether real or artfully faked, that protray the administrative incompetence and errors of judgment that have characterized the response to the New Orleans disaster.

And like most of them, this one relies on the fundamentally dangerous trope that Dubya is simply “simple” — dangerous because it’s the ways in which Bush, his handlers, and his cronies are not idiots that makes them a danger to the spirit in which our Constitution and the Bill of Rights were framed.

But I ask you to find a place in your heart for this picture/caption combo anyway. Coz it’s, y’know, funny.

Bush-bashing at Hoffmania

(And another tip o’ the hat to the gr8 leap 4ward for calling it to my attention.)

One comment on “there can’t be too many links to this”

  1. 2fs

    Agreed on the funny, agreed on the not-just-simple. The real problem, I think, is Bush’s (grossly apparent in the immediate wake of Katrina) utter lack of empathy specifically, and more generally, of appropriate affective understanding. It’s astonishing to me that someone who supposedly has “good political instincts” should be so emotionally tone-deaf as to joke about the partying he did in New Orleans and that he’s looking forward to hangin’ out on the rebuilt porch of *one* of the houses of once-avowed segregationalist Trent Lott, all while restlessly shifting his weight from one foot to the other, conveying in body language that he’d rather be anydamnedwhere than being forced to express “compassion” that he, quite evidently, was not feeling in the least. Bush is (like what seems to be increasingly more people) simply incapable of imagining that others might view things differently from himself and not be “evil.” It’s related to the arrogance of “red-state” ideologues who assume that anyone who doesn’t like huntin’, drinkin’ beer from a can, etc., is pretentiously aping an attitude to try to impress.


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