October 2005 Archive

found sculpture 8

30 October 2005, 12:09 pm
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untitled — anonymous
media: dishwasher, paper bag, aluminum can, foam cup, denim
(Larger version at flickr)

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administrative and technical changes

23 October 2005, 5:11 pm
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Some administrative and technical changes were made to this site today (Sunday 23 October). Everything should work and look exactly as it did before, except now it should be easier to participate in discussions if you’re not someone I already know.
Please feel free to let me know if anything doesn’t seem to be working correctly.

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merrpy chrismoween

22 October 2005, 4:47 pm
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This photo was taken on October 10th, my first day at my new job, but the inflated Christmas snow globe was already there when I was interviewing back in September.

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i would have been dead for 10 years

22 October 2005, 4:24 pm
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If you ride a bike, wear a helmet.

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me on Nielsen on blog usability

22 October 2005, 3:10 pm
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Is it just me, or has Jakob Nielsen’s alertbox column on weblog usability garnered an unprecedented quantity of mainstream discussion/comment? Seems like a lot of people who aren’t usability wonks are talking about it.
You might note that I was shamed into added an author photo (of sorts) to this site, but I disagree strongly on […]

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slowdown, rework

15 October 2005, 12:40 pm
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I’m going to ditch the confusing category system this site had when I didn’t think I wanted anyone else to find it. Some entries will be redundantly tagged until I figure out how best to map old categories (like false phalanges) to the equivalent new categories (like photos), so that links from Google etc. don’t […]

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because you never know

15 October 2005, 12:21 pm
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. . .when juniper berries are going to strike!
(editrix thinks their slogan should be “serving olive your insurance needs.”)
(Larger version at my flickr site)

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ambivalent tree

8 October 2005, 11:56 am
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I’m resisting the temptation to burden this tree with metaphorical significance.

(Larger version at my flickr site)
(This picture seems to look much better (more saturated) on some monitors than others. So if it’s kinda blah for you, I apologize.)

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