slowdown, rework

15 October 2005, 12:40 pm

I’m going to ditch the confusing category system this site had when I didn’t think I wanted anyone else to find it. Some entries will be redundantly tagged until I figure out how best to map old categories (like false phalanges) to the equivalent new categories (like photos), so that links from Google etc. don’t break.

I’ve also just re-entered commuter world and I’ve been scrambling to complete some freelance work. So that’s why things have been a bit slow ’round here this past week, in case you were wondering.

5 comments on “slowdown, rework”

  1. Flasshe

    FYI, I get an “XML Parsing Error” from Sage on the (main) RSS feed. Comment one works.

  2. summervillain

    Hmm, I didn’t mess with the WP RSS code. Do you get the same error on your own site? Is this a new error? Does it (silly question) provide any info about where the parsing error was flagged?

  3. Flasshe

    All it says is “Error: XML Parse Error” and displays the exclamation mark in the yellow triangle. I’m using Sage 1.3.6 with Firefox 1.0.7. It happens when I do “Check Feeds”. Don’t get it on my own site or Amy’s. Just started happening this morning. I’m thinking it doesn’t like the current entry.

  4. summervillain

    mebbe it was the non-breaking space characters in the ellipsis of the title of the previous entry. i can live in hope.

  5. Flasshe

    Works now…


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