December 2005 Archive

ready? or not?

31 December 2005, 11:48 am
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at least the coffee’s pretty good.

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don’t break it if it ain’t broken

31 December 2005, 11:39 am
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My bank*’s website and the Shaw’s supermarket in our neighborhood have both been undergoing sweeping redesigns.
The common denominator is that both broke designs that weren’t broken (at least from a customer perspective).
The Bank
The bank’s former website was ugly by the standards of the modern web, but its interface was solid — clearly organized, and […]

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the warren harding error error (more on blink)

22 December 2005, 6:49 pm
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In Blink, Gladwell devotes a chapter to exploring what he calls the “Warren Harding error.” He contends that the primary reason for Harding’s political success was that the man looked presidential.
Gladwell doesn’t apply this line of reasoning to politicians of the current era (although later he does quote Paul Ekman — who, with Wallace […]

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greetings of the season

21 December 2005, 6:52 am
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it’s all about the penguins

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studio diary - 2

21 December 2005, 1:08 am
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Sunday December 5th was my second day tracking with The Hyphens at Appleman. We got there shortly after noon. I did all my bass overdubs (unless we find something later that really needs fixing) and John got well into his (he finished up his parts the following Monday).
Two things really stood out for me about […]

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password insecurity questions

20 December 2005, 3:16 pm
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Here’s a screen capture from on-line retailer’s registration form. The red asterisk indicates that these elements are both required.

I’m specifically picking on, but many other web commerce sites have similar problems. These questions and their answers can be divided neatly into two equally unsatisfactory categories:

Questions that are too easy for a would-be identity thief […]

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surprise benefits of pseudo-vegetarianism

19 December 2005, 2:02 pm
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(less stress)

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what does this mean?

17 December 2005, 9:59 am
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This is one of a pair of identical signs at a standard four-way traffic light with left turn arrows:

Interpreted literally, it seems to say that bicycles should only proceed on a red (or yellow light). That’s clearly insane. My best guess is that it’s really a “No right turn on red” sign specifically directed at […]

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