is there a copy editor in the house?

8 December 2005, 5:40 pm

From the instruction manual for the Memorex MPD8610 CD/MP3 player:

Snippet of instruction manual with contradictory information in adjoining paragraphs.

Really, now who could be confused by that?

(p.s.: If you’re wondering, it’s not included. For that mattter, it’s not provided, either.)

2 comments on “is there a copy editor in the house?”

  1. C Jubitz

    There is a copy editor in the house, and she also noticed that the “p” in “CD player” is alternately lowercased and capitalized. Sheesh. Can I please get a job with this company?

  2. 2fs

    As long as we’re being ultrapicky, what’s the use of the quotation marks around “AA” (as in batteries)?


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