things that make me feel sicker; some small comfort

1 December 2005, 9:52 am

I’m sorry, but did I just hear that someone is running on a platform of tightening up border controls because highway congestion in Los fr’n Angeles is the result of too many illegal immigrants?

Tell me that was just a fever dream. Please.

But then again, as I was trying to stop thinking about JavaScript very early this morning (I’ve had this recurring problem lately where my half-asleep brain thinks I have to define and instantiate an object class that will let me go back to sleep) I shifted briefly to political hyperbole. The ascendancy of the New Right is the worst thing to happen to this country since . . . what? The Great Depression? The Civil War? But the Vietnam war was pretty damned divisive, too. This nation has faced and dealt with some pretty severe crap in the past, and has eventually emerged basically intact. More: in many respects the trend has been positive. There’s not a great hue and cry (yet, anyway) to take the vote away from women or declare that people can be classed as property. Maybe (assuming humanity survives) a century hence schoolkids will be reading about how the turn of the millennium was a particularly dark and shameful period in American history.

Which doesn’t mean I don’t think everyone should fight by any and every legal means to prevent things getting any worse.


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