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“Don’t me make bring the Scrabble set!”

25 June 2006, 11:52 am
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Does the vision of Jonathan Papelbon going head-to-head with his teammates over the Scrabble board in the clubhouse warm the chambers of my heart? You know it.
Was it ever-lovin’ wunnerful to see the the Phillies’ dirtbag pitcher have his (allegedly, if you’re a lawyer) wife-beating ass handed to him by Schilling and the Sox offense? […]

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still here

23 June 2006, 7:37 pm
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I don’t have enough to say about Art School Confidential to write a real review of it. There were some things about it that I liked a lot, some things that I hated quite a bit, and I liked it much better while I was watching it than I did after I thought about it […]

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new blog

23 June 2006, 7:01 pm
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because I’m so prolific on this one

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out from Under the Volcano

6 June 2006, 5:01 am
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Malcolm Lowry’s quasi-autobiographical masterpiece Under the Volcano has joined the swelling list of books I had to return to the library and check out again in order to finish, largely because I kept setting it aside in favor of other reading material that was more fun.
Under the Volcano haunted me for years before I read […]

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new order session dream

4 June 2006, 11:21 am
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I was in a huge, labyrinthine, multi-story red brick building that had aspects of both high school and college building (but that didn’t remotely resemble any actual structure with which I’m familiar, educational or otherwise). In classroom B-109 (on the fourth floor) I was assisting at a recording session with New Order. (My subconscious was […]

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findlay, oh

3 June 2006, 4:00 pm
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On our trip westish, we spent a night in Findlay (”Flag City USA”), Ohio, pop. about 39K (2000 Census), and, if Wikipedia is to be believed, the first location in which touch-tone phone service was available.
In our (very limited) experience, the town seemed schismed by a canal. South of the canal we saw stately […]

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