“Don’t me make bring the Scrabble set!”

25 June 2006, 11:52 am

Does the vision of Jonathan Papelbon going head-to-head with his teammates over the Scrabble board in the clubhouse warm the chambers of my heart? You know it.

Was it ever-lovin’ wunnerful to see the the Phillies’ dirtbag pitcher have his (allegedly, if you’re a lawyer) wife-beating ass handed to him by Schilling and the Sox offense? You bet your sweet bippie.

Best of all, I got to see what would happen if Francona went to his star closer when the bullpen was struggling in the 8th. Very educational. It ended well, thanks to Papi’s big blast (speaking of which, how much do I love to see Ortiz heave himself into the air after he trots across home? That’d be “a hellalot”). But The Kid did get hisself into a jam, he did have to throw more innings than he has all season, and he did risk blowing that miracle ERA all to hell.

5 comments on ““Don’t me make bring the Scrabble set!””

  1. Ezra

    I missed it: what’s the scrabble reference?

    Yesterday’s game (which we caught the last three innings of at the Portsmough Brewery) was miraculous. You just think that the odds are impossible for Papelbon to continue to not lose and that the odds are just impossible for Ortiz to hit another walk-off home run. And then it happens! Again! Both in the same game!

  2. summervillain

    It was one of those Fox “Sound of the Game” things. Papelbon was saying stuff like “Do you want me to bring the Scrabble set? Coz I will bring the Scrabble set. Don’t make me bring the Scrabble set!”

    The announcers riffed for a while on the relative value of K’s, S’s and W’s, and presumably dispatched an intern to look up the actual Scrabble point value of “K.”

  3. Ezra

    Was it explained? Because while I was trying to figure out if there was something obvious that I was missing, I found this article, which actually might explain it.

  4. summervillain

    If I remember right, it seemed like someone on the team had challenged Papelbon to a game of chess, but the network cut in on the middle of the conversation, so I don’t know who. He said he wasn’t too good at chess, but would kick [whoever]’s ass at Scrabble.

    As long as we’re linking pronouns to Herald articles, this made happy until I got the final paragraph, which get me steamed again.

  5. Terri

    As a word person and already a Papelbon fan, I love this. I also loved seeing Papi wrap up Pesky not once but twice with a giant bear hug during the game on… Wednesday, was it?


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