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after everything, i still hate myspace

28 July 2006, 2:09 pm
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For my taste, this does not compensate for

the leading edge of intrusive/obnoxious web ad delivery/click tracking tech
(sometimes including spyware)
the general level of inanity
the most obnoxious music player since the glory days of shockwave
funnelling more dollars into Murdoch’s multi-media empire

But Billy Bragg’s efforts to alter MySpace’s TOS (warning: tracking cookies and other nasties) is […]

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national bike-related anger week

19 July 2006, 11:46 am
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a. “Don’t call me; I won’t call you.”

On Main Street, near the Medford/Winchester line, my cell phone slipped out of my pocket. I knew what had happened the instant I heard it hit. I screeched to a stop and slewed around. At the instant the truck’s tire hit the phone I was waving my arms […]

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memo to prospective employers

8 July 2006, 12:42 pm
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Hello, whoever you are.
There’s been a lot of talk lately about one’s prospective future employers should always be considered as members of the audience for whatever one writes on the Internets. At the moment, you have to be pretty diligent to find your way here by searching on my surname, but the Internets are nothing […]

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2 July 2006, 8:40 am
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We were out walking and had just left Lorem Ipsum Books when the news broke about Portugal’s World Cup victory over England. The streets around Inman Square were almost instantly jammed with cars full of flag-waving celebrants.
We slipped into Bukowksi’s Tavern to sip an ale and watch (and listen to the honking and hooting sounds […]

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