memo to prospective employers

8 July 2006, 12:42 pm

Hello, whoever you are.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about one’s prospective future employers should always be considered as members of the audience for whatever one writes on the Internets. At the moment, you have to be pretty diligent to find your way here by searching on my surname, but the Internets are nothing but fickle.

So, just for the record:

I’m pretty blunt about my personal politics here, but I don’t bring them into the workplace unless I’m invited to do so. I spent several years working for a managment team that included one executive who proudly displayed a signed portrait of the elder George Bush on his wall, and another who was married to a presidential appointee. We had little political common ground, so we didn’t discuss politics. Together we developed a lot of products that I think genuinely helped people, and of which I’m still proud. (I also know how to keep potentially unwelcome personal opinions to myself if I’m in a client-facing role.)

I’m extremely circumspect when it comes to writing about my workplace. I almost never do it. You’re extremely unlikely to find this site badmouthing your organization, your staff, or strategic decisions I might not happen to agree with, either while I’m in your employ or afterward. You will categorically never find it revealing any proprietary or confidential information, either about your organization or any of your clients.

Best regards,

Summervillain’s mild-mannered alter-ego

I’ll hasten to add: I have many friends and colleagues who write about their workplaces, with varying degrees of anonymity and differing objectives, more frequently than I do. This is in no way intended as a dig at any of those folks. I’m not claiming moral high ground. It’s more a consequence of the fact that so much of my career has involved information that was confidential or sensitive than anything else.


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