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23 August 2006, 8:34 pm

Groovy (but flawed):

  • What is my favorite radio station playing right now? Maybe knows. But then again, maybe not, because new and indie label content are both distincly underserved; by my unscientific guesstimate, bats about .333 against “Breakfast of Champions” and “Late Risers’ Club”. (Best gaffe I’ve caught it in so far: a DJ used a Coleman Hawkins tune in the background of a show promo, and assumed the whole song had been played. Best thing about my deep-link: I’m sparing you a really pointless Web 2.0 tag cloud thing.)
  • I’m really happy to see the return of epitonic, although I can’t help but wonder how long it will last this time. As one of the pundits on Pho once snarked, they don’t really seem to have a business model as such — they just give content away. It’s prolly not a great sign that there’s no new music in the past month or so. The site isn’t great from a usability perspective (the search function is especially obnoxious) and I think the service has a terrible name (Dunno about you, but I find it much easier to remember that Pure Volume is, y,know, a music site). But despite all that, Epitonic offers a free song or two apiece from tons of great artists, like the recently-praised here Fifty Foot Wave, and including many artists on labels not licensed to emusic (hullo, Sub Pop!) and (slightly-stale) discographies and such.

The fine print: Sorry so quiet. New job. Learning XUL. BizzyBizzyBizzy.

2 comments on “groovy music resources”

  1. Ezra

    How does work? Human or machine?

  2. summervillain

    How does work? Human or machine?

    Well, I don’t know for certain, but I strongly suspect it’s an automated wrapper for or one of the similar audio-fingerprinting services (I think there are a few out there). It makes some mistakes that I think humans would be unlikely to make, like confusing background music under a PSA with the song itself.