hit in the head

11 August 2006, 8:44 pm

Sometimes when a player gets hit by a ball and “shakes it off” and stays in, I have to wonder whether he’s really going to play effectively for the rest of the game. But I guess Mike Lowell can tell when he’s okay, because after being de-helmeted and knocked down by a pitch, he proceeded to make an outstanding aggressive defensive play (yanking a ball out of the stands for an out), pick up an RBI, and steal his second base of the year.

I do wish I could see this game instead of just listening to it, but thanks to Jerry and Joe of WEEI I almost feel like I can see it. Jerry Trupiano’s vivid play-by-play of that phenomenal third inning was a real salve after all that Kansas pain.

One comment on “hit in the head”

  1. Ezra

    Hey, Terri TiVo’d tonight’s game for me because I was in a letterpress class at MassArt until late. Come over & watch! (I am also in class for much of the rest of the weekend, but you may be able to coordinate with Terri)


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