mantra for the Hampshire Street ride

14 September 2006, 7:38 am

On my commute, I see maybe a couple hundred cars, of which from 0 to 3 do something to piss me off on a given day. I see maybe half a dozen other cycle commuters (more if I go in late) of which from 0 to 4 piss me off on any given day. Hence:

You’re an asshole
But I’m not gonna let you raise my blood pressure
You make it worse
But I guess that’s your privilege
There’s not a lot I can do
To reduce the extent to which
Your stupidity
Impacts me
And I’ll make better choices if I think I can
But some of the choices I make will piss off someone else
And I can’t say our judgments aren’t equally flawed
Just flawed in different ways
I think you’re an asshole
Well, that’s my privilege
I think you make things worse
That’s your perogative
All I can do
Is try not to make things worse myself
All I can do
Is try to own up to my own mistakes and learn from them

n.b.: If you actually hear me singing this, odds are I’m singing not to you, but to the idiot who just pedalled through the intersection ahead of you. And I think riding a bike on a street should require a license just as an automobile does, and that moving violaters should be ticketed, fined, and have licenses suspended and (ultimately) revoked. So there.


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