two quick followups

28 November 2006, 8:39 pm

the reluctant elevator

. . .made a feint toward outright rebellion this morning, stranding at least 2 parties before 10 o’clock this morning. Service technicians were quickly dispatched to break its will. I find myself surprisingly sympathetic to the elevator’s cause: goodness knows I’d be frustrated if all I could do all day was go up and down. I’m also intrigued by the official (in scare quotes) characterization of the elevator’s operation as “error free for the past several months.” It’s not often one hears the word “several” used to describe the number “0.1″

incorrect assumptions about me on a bike

Uh, Vern, watch out, there’s a police!

(Musta been the headlight is all I can figger. If I could only fool other bikers we might get somewhere. . .)


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