Do you like when things are easy?

7 April 2007, 7:15 am

legitimate email that sounds like a phishing scam

Most of the email hitting my servers these days falls into one of three categories: “pump-and-dump” investment scam solicitations, phishing attempts, and solicitations for unlawful medications. I was disturbed that what appears to be a legitimate email from Fidelity Investment services tripped “red flags” for dangerous email — it has earmarks of two of those categories. It has the very spammy subject line “Do you like when things are easy?” and it urges the opener of the email to click a link and enter personal financial information. I’m frustrated by legitimate corporate emails like this, because they teach consumers bad habits, like opening emails with “phishy” and ungrammatical subject lines, and logging into sites and providing sensitive information on the say-so of an email message.

I was even more frustrated when minutes of browsing on several Fidelity websites failed to turn up a single method for providing feedback on the website or the email communication it generated.

(I originally wrote this up for This is broken. They didn’t bite, but they still rock.)


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