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13 May 2007, 6:38 pm

Bottom of the 9th.

I was listening to the radio broadcast, emitting random gaspy and woo-y sounds with my heart going thuddathuddathudda. The recap is more than a little “just the facts, ma’am”; it doesn’t mention that a little bobble out in right turned a single into one of those doubles, and it doesn’t capture the heartbreak of the very close play that got Youkilis at the plate. Watching the replay, Dave O’Brien basically said it was almost too close to call.

Looking at the finale in isolation also doesn’t hint at the frustration throughout the day of hearing coulda/shoulda been “gone” balls knocked down by gusts of wind that seemed squarely on Baltimore’s side, and the anxiety surrounding Red Sox starter Josh Beckett’s early injury-related exit (I hope I never hear the word “avulsion” so many times in one day ever again).

But the bottom of the 9th made up for a lot.

I still feel like my heart rate’s elevated.


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