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13 July 2007, 7:31 am

Although it scarcely seems possible, I’m older now than I was before. Actually, I’m older now than when I typed that, but I recently passed one of those points where society asserts that you’ve made a quantum state change from n-old to n+1 old.

I commemorated the occasion, in part, by checking the weather in Montréal, which is tangentially related to what I do at work. I was amused by the description:

screen capture of weather update showing tons of rain in Montreal

TONS of rain. Not “heavy” rain, nor “torrential” rain, nor even “downpours.” TONS. I guess if you make your living describing the weather in succinct phrases, you take your opportunities to be creative where you may.

My wonderful employer (11 months in, out of the honeymoon phase, still very happy, not to mention challenged) commemorated the occasion, in part, with a jaunty card and a chocolate airplane-on-a-stick.

Chocolate airplane on-a-stick, birthday card

What I do at work is tangentially related to airplanes (that are not on sticks). I was touched.

My wonderful girlfriend (5 years in, still in the honeymoon phase) commemorated the occasion, in part, by taking me to dinner at Koreana. (All together, now: one, two, three, yum!).

I recently changed my commute route so that I go past Koreana every morning. For a week or so, each time I passed it, I thought to myself, “Crud, they went out of business and I never even went there,” and expected to see the windows boarded up shortly.

Koreana restaurant

I wonder if other people have had the same impression? I’ve thought about submitting it to This is Broken, but maybe it’s just me. Partly the sparse window treatments contribute to the air of imminent abandonment, but mostly I think it’s the black-on-white sign on the door. Up close, you can see that it displays the restaurant’s hours. But at a distance I thought it looked like one of those hand-lettered pasteboard notices that starts something like “Dear customers, we thank you for your support, but after n+1 years we are closing. . .”


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