honk to impeach

26 August 2007, 11:07 am

honk to impeach protesters in Davis Square
You’d probably expect me to be down with the Honk-to-impeach folks, and at first I was, but the more I think about it, the more this protest bugs me.

  • It creates an impression of consensus whether it exists or not. If anyone is honking, it seems like the traffic flow is in agreement with the sentiment. But there’s no way to un-honk, so any opposing viewpoint is literally silenced.
  • It accomplishes nothing. Well, maybe not nothing. It demonstrates that some people are still angry enough to stand on a street corner for an hour or so, and that some other people agree enough to push a button. But in terms of effecting actual change, I’d have to rank it well below circulating petitions and passing non-binding resolutions.
  • It makes the position look facile. For better or worse, making terrible decisions isn’t grounds for impeachment. I sorta think throwing the word around without context of what, specifically, is alleged to be grounds for impeachment, doesn’t help further serious discussion. I’d feel better about this if they were handing out little leaflets or fact sheets, or even if one sign said something like, “Bush lied, NNN dead and counting.”


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