two huzzahs

5 August 2007, 3:40 pm

OMG JamSpot so totally rocks! When I first heard about this place, I figured there was no way I could afford to rehearse there. Nice equipment in good condition, rooms with honest-to-goodness acoustic treatment, and ample off-street parking!? But it turns out, JamSpot’s rates are completely competitive with the typical scuzzy rehearsal rooms I’m used to. Recently my band inadvertently presented them with a golden opportunity to either do the expected thing or to provide extraordinary customer service. They seized the chance to go above and beyond, and I am now a fan pretty much for life.

I hesitate to say anything good about Whole Foods, because despite raising the profile of organic produce, I think they’re basically a Force of Evil in the world. But henceforth I do not expect to always be able to resist the temptation of their vegan brown-rice sushi. The rolls I had Friday constituted absolutely the best prepackaged-sushi experience I have ever had.

2 comments on “two huzzahs”

  1. Gamp

    For what it’s worth, I still like my Orange Tiny Terror and 2×12 better than their Fender Whatever Combos.

  2. summervillain

    Me too, for sure, and I’m surely not in lurve with those Hartke amps either. The plug-and-play convenience is on ok trade-off for me. I realize it’s a somewhat less-ok tradeoff for the rest of the band. There’s a little part of me, though, that thinks it’s good discipline for a two-guitar band to be stuck playing through identical amps, in much the same way I think it’s good discipline to mix a record in mono once in a while. If you can’t rely on different tonal characteristics (or stereo positioning in a mix) to discriminate the instruments you have to think a little more about how the parts fit together. In general, I think if you make two guitar parts sound good on the same amp, they’ll sound even better through different amps.


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