DRM done right; repetetive kudos

13 November 2007, 7:35 pm

I read a very convincing review of Pragmatic Press’s Prototype and script.aculo.us and decided to buy a copy. The shopping cart defaulted to the physical book and the PDF. This gave me some real pause. I find it very useful to have a physical book that doesn’t take up monitor space. On the other hand, the physical book isn’t shipping until early December. And if the PDF permitted me to cut and paste code examples that would be pretty handy. But the PDF might have copy and paste disabled. If it was password protected, it might even be hard for me to open the document at home and at work. Since the PDF was only a few bucks more I gambled that it would be useful. The PDF does, in fact, open without a password, and it does let me copy and paste text from it. And on every page, there’s a footer that says “Prepared for the exclusive use of {my real name},” which would make me pretty disinclined to share it around even if I were inclined to share it around to start with.

I realize that I sing the praises of CD Baby with tiresome regularity, but this time they’ve really gone beyond the pale in terms of providing an amazing customer experience. They’ve recently undergone a significant site redesign, and I encountered a bug in their shopping cart (which they’ve apparently already fixed). I reported it.

I got a couple of emails today from their support folks, and they

  • Didn’t assume I’d made an error msyelf
  • Didn’t send me to their FAQ document
  • Thanked me for providing them with troubleshooting info in a way that clearly implied they’d actually read my email
  • Confirmed that my order had ultimately been correctly submitted and processed

That adds up to one of my best tech support experiences ever.

2 comments on “DRM done right; repetetive kudos”

  1. Julia

    Prototype/scriptaculous rock. I’m toodling with an online project now, an ASP application for practicing spelling. Have a look if you are interested - I get to use all the crazy special effects in Scriptaculous that business developers want to implement but never get the chance. Type in 1 (the numeral one, i mean) for your spelling test code, listen to the word with the left button and check your answer with the right button. There’s a cute effect at the end of the test, also.


  2. Ezra

    Love, *love* the Pragmetic Press books.


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