Green Green Cabs of Somerville

29 November 2007, 8:15 am

Yesterday I saw a hybrid cab operated by the Green Cab Association of Somerville. This is apparently old news, but I’d somehow missed it. I think it’s a great idea — the combination of high use and mostly in-town driving seems like an excellent match for hybrid engines.

My wunnerful girlfriend and I are sort of planning a road trip (which means renting a vehicle) and she’s has been looking into options for renting hybrids, and not finding a whole lot of vehicles that are actually available to rent. Boo.

2 comments on “Green Green Cabs of Somerville”

  1. Flasshe

    That’s bizarre - just this morning I saw my first hybrid cabs in Denver (Priusi). There were two of ‘em at a gas station.

  2. Miles

    wha, the Priusi were at a *gas station*? Doesn’t that defeat their purpose? :) I keep thinking Webb Wilder’s Hybrid Vigor album should make a comeback these days…


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