2 “thank you”s to strangers

5 December 2007, 7:50 am

To someone in Cambridge:

Monday morning, you noticed that I’d locked up my bike on the street and left it with the taillight blinking madly. (You don’t know this, but the recitation of my parking mantra, “lights, locks, helmet, bottle” didn’t help me coz I don’t usually use the taillight in the morning, but the weather was inclement and gloomy that day, so I did). You could easily have slipped my light off and stuck it in your pocket, or you could have just walked past. Instead, you took the time to turn it off so the battery wouldn’t run down (and incidentally, so it wouldn’t keeping flashing attractively at folks more larcenous and less honest than you).

Thank you! You didn’t have to do that, but I really, really appreciate it.

To someone in Somerville:

You brought our trash can lid back from wherever the guy who takes care of the property for our landlord had chucked it. That was really nice of you. I figured the yard work guy had thrown it away because he was mad that I’d written “no yard waste” on it, because the lid vanished at the same time the can got filled with leaves. I’m going to try to padlock the lid to the can so you don’t have to do it again. But you really improved my evening — ever since the ordinance was passed requiring trash to be in cans, this whole trash can appropriation thing has been a struggle over which I’ve been unreasonably peeved — and I’m very grateful. Thanks!

One comment on “2 “thank you”s to strangers”

  1. Janet

    Thank YOU, Doug, for your public props to kind strangers. The local weather and more properly, local folks’ behavior in it, has caused my local circle to get a little snarky today. I so appreciate the reminder that folks out there are frequently kind & thoughtful.


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