The sound of an MRI

23 January 2008, 12:49 pm

Surprisingly musical! Reminded me of both Copying Machine Music and Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers. Two scanning routines were reminiscent of the bridge of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” — the end, right before Moon’s two massive fills and Daltrey’s epic scream. The best section had one head (presumably) making a witchita-witchita sort of noise at a constant pitch while another syncopated head climbed up a scale at interesting intervals, creating some cool overtones.

. . .not that I’d want to listen to it every day, mind you.

3 comments on “The sound of an MRI”

  1. Ezra

    1) next time hopefully they let you take recording equipment in
    2) may there never have to be a next time!!!!!

    Hope you’re doing better and that the results turned up nothing interesting, particularly nothing Keith Moon related, for gawd’s sake.

  2. Terri

    I got myself all worked up for my MRI, but it ended up being kind of an adventure! As long as the earplugs were firmly in place it wasn’t too bad–still a bit loud, but yeah–oddly musical. It was like transmissions from alien planets or something. And then, in my case, there was the pill I was given to reduce the anxiety associated with being in a tiny space. I can understand why they prescribe exactly ONE of those pills. I’ve never considered myself the addictive type, but that stuff could turn anyone into an addict.

  3. summervillain

    Apparently the fact that I didn’t mention anything more serious than my impressions of an MRI’s musical properties wasn’t an adquate disclaimer … so if you know me and I made you nervous with this, don’t worry overmuch. It’s not nothing but it’s minor and the prognosis (knock on wood) is good, and I have followup care scheduled.

    ..and unfortunately I think the nature of an MRI pretty well precludes putting most recording gear — certainly any I could readily get my hands on — inside it while it’s operating.


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